FlecheTech Team

Machines for humans

We fight for humans and Earth. But we must admit, it's also because the EBE's tech is obsessional. That's who we are, the resulting arrow between our ideology and our passion, two very orthogonal vectors, projecting into a bigger one, called flèche. Is the arrow going high-tech, or low-tech? We can't say, but we will be there to support our people.


Meet the people

Based in different countries around the globe, the FlecheTech nebula stayed under radars for the last 3 years, strong of a hundred pioneers and a dozen full-time builders. Moonlight children, eager to build something beautiful and ground-breaking with our hands. You already know us, we are the same.


Still Curious?

Our groundbreaking method allows you to shorten the electronic prototyping process and move directly from specifications to a works-like-looks-like prototype.

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Your place in the project

EBE needs to make friends in the real world

The squad is always looking for new talented partners to empower the project. Join FlecheTech in the nebula community and be part of the EBE project pionieers.