You can now create any prototype you want

PCB design will never be the same

Any robot or IOT device you can imagine? Just describe it, and let EBE create it and deliver it straight to your door. Whoever you are and what ever it is, EBE can design the perfect electronic solution for you.

Automated Modular Design

The EBE's core is based on a new kind of model that allows EBE to automatically find and connect the best components to each other and suggest a default solution for any problem. Just follow its lead and you will get there.

Direct industry connection

Access web services and manufacture partners to create industrial PCB prototypes automatically using the last components from the market. In one click, customize, order, and receive you prototype ready in kit.

Next-gen AI features

EBE is surrounded by AI able to chat with you, read datasheets, generate the firmware and full PDF documentation for a ready to business prototype. Engineers save 90% of time, begginers access to engineers' level.

Prompt to PCB

  • EBE can understand your idea and generate the list of specifications for you and do the rest of the job. Designing PCB is like talking to your engineer cousin.

Goodbye datasheets !

  • Using AI, Open Hardware and manufacturers data, EBE can use any component from the market, read the datasheet, draw the footprint and abstract complexity for you.

No design mistakes

  • The EBE's DNA is able to know if the circuit will work or not. If you see a red cross on a component, it means that EBE found an issue, and know how to deal with.

Your EBE interface

  • You can use EBE as an engineer and customize the layer stack, DRC, and all the smallest details. Or, you can focus on the details you want and let him do the boring job.

One-click manufacturing

  • EBE is connected to the FlecheTech's manufacturing network and can manage that for you as well. You can have your prototypes in a kit or fully assembled.

Design and code

  • Modular design is also called object-oriented ! EBE can generate the firmware of your device automatically from your description, according to the components on the board.

Your place in the project

EBE needs to make friends in the real world

The squad is always looking for new talented partners to empower the project. Join FlecheTech in the nebula community and be part of the EBE project pionieers.

I recently had the opportunity to use this innovative EBE software that leverages artificial intelligence to simplify and enhance the entire design process. its really amazing

Electrical engineer, Student

With EBE, we can focus on creativity and innovation, knowing that the technical details are taken care of. The AI-driven design process has streamlined our workflow, making it more efficient and effective.

EBE User, Maker

It is very different from Kicad and others ECAD softs, please add more documentation

CEO, Self-employed

The community support and resources available for EBE users are fantastic.

AI-enthusiast, FlechTech

Primitive algorithm

A tech given from the future to change the history

According FlecheTech's internal documents, EBE (Electronic Brain for Everyone) has been released secretly by the humanist rebellion leader RS_B00B, a separatist opposition group in the 6020's, threw a random list of humans 4000 years earlier. This software entity has been extracted from the machine's reproduction "DNA" system and can create any PCB designs instantly.

The purpose of EBE, aligned with FlecheTech's mission, is to empower humans to take control over their machines, providing an alternative approach to creating, consuming, and repairing electronic devices. This initiative aims to circumvent the enslavement promised by AI and AR giants of the early 3rd millennium and to abolish 4000 years of human slavery.

Collective intelligence

Powered by NFT economy

Based on our initial findings, it appears that EBE's capabilities are continuously improving with each prototype it develops. Analogous to an organism that thrives on ideas, EBE relies on human creativity to innovate and construct new machines regularly. These innovations can range from groundbreaking technological advancements to simple solutions like a remote control with larger buttons for grandma's TV.

Furthermore, whenever EBE designs a product for you, it generates a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that you possess. Subsequently, each time EBE reuses this design or its modular components, you earn revenue. Are you ready to potentially be the first to showcase the latest Arduino board in our database?

Your place in the project

EBE needs to make friends in the real world

The squad is always looking for new talented partners to empower the project. Join FlecheTech in the nebula community and be part of the EBE project pionieers.