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Breaking Free from the Chains of Complexity

by FlecheTech Founders on Sun, 3 Sept 2023

We live in a world dominated by technology, a world where big tech companies control which fields and industries thrive. A world where complexity, inaccessibility, programmed obsolescence, and corporate monopoly stifle innovation and creativity. As students, makers, engineers, you are the future, and it's time to reclaim control.

We Are FlecheTech

We are a startup on a mission to democratize technology and empower the next generation of innovators, creators, and problem-solvers - people like you. We believe that money should no longer dictate the course of progress, that every human voice should be heard, and that technology should serve all of humanity, not just the privileged few.

Join the Fight Against Complexity and Inaccessibility

Have you ever had a groundbreaking idea that requires an electronic component, only to be overwhelmed by the complexity of initiating a PCB project from scratch? We know the frustration of spending endless hours learning how not to construct a PCB, only to see the potential of your idea lost in the never-happened limbo.

We are fighting against complexity and inaccessibility by developing innovative PCB design software that makes it easier for you to bring your ideas to life, regardless of your prior knowledge or experience.

Join the Fight Against Programmed Obsolescence and Corporate Monopoly

Machines encircle us, but what happens when they cease to function? We are left with no authority beyond what the machine permits, and we are ensnared within a cycle of consumption. We believe that individuals should have the power to repair and upgrade their machines, breaking free from the clutches of corporate monopoly.

We are fighting against programmed obsolescence and corporate monopoly by creating tools that enable you to repair and upgrade your tech products, reclaiming genuine mastery reminiscent of the days before high-tech dominance.

Our Approach

We are establishing an alternative network for innovation and fabrication to enable a real circular economy for tech products. Design, production, and repair - all tiers of technology need to be decentralized to empower individuals like you to reclaim independence and enhance the flexibility of our economy in the face of the next crisis.

Together, We Can Build a Better Future

At FlecheTech, we believe that by fighting against these forces, we can create a world where technology serves all of humanity, not just the privileged few. Join us in this fight. Together, we can build a future where creativity is amplified, knowledge is shared, and solutions are inclusive.

Let's fight together on Discord

#TechForAll #NoComplexity #EndWasteCulture

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