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Exoskeletons and Prostheses

FlecheTech empowers you to create innovative solutions in mobility and rehabilitation. Design custom PCBs for exoskeletons and prostheses that perfectly match individual needs, enhancing lives and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.


Discover the power of fast, intuitive prototyping

Tailored Mobility Solutions

Harness the power of FlecheTech to design custom PCBs that optimize the performance of your prostheses and exoskeletons, delivering enhanced mobility and better quality of life for individuals.

Swift Innovation

FlecheTech's platform supports rapid prototyping, allowing you to bring your exoskeleton and prosthetic innovations to market up to 80% faster.

Improved Patient Comfort

By using FlecheTech for custom prototyping, you can design devices that are more comfortable and better suited to individual patient needs, leading to better patient outcomes.

Your place in the project

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