Makers Applications

Gaming & Entertainment

Leverage FlecheTech's cutting-edge PCB prototyping platform to create bespoke circuit boards for gaming and entertainment devices. Enhance gaming experiences with tailored, efficient, and high-performance device solutions.


Discover the power of fast, intuitive prototyping

Tailored Gaming Experience

Use FlecheTech to design custom PCBs for gaming and entertainment devices that maximize performance and enhance user engagement.

Rapid Device Development

FlecheTech's platform supports rapid prototyping, allowing you to bring your gaming and entertainment innovations to market up to 80% faster.

Immersive User Experience

With FlecheTech's mass customization, you can create devices that deliver immersive and personalized gaming experiences, taking user engagement to the next level.

Your place in the project

EBE needs to make friends in the real world

The squad is always looking for new talented partners to empower the project. Join FlecheTech in the nebula community and be part of the EBE project pionieers.