Makers Applications

Do-it-Yourself Kits

Maximize educational engagement with FlecheTech's advanced PCB prototyping platform. Design custom PCBs for Do-It-Yourself kits that spark creativity, foster understanding, and inspire a passion for learning.


Discover the power of fast, intuitive prototyping

Enhanced Learning Experience

With FlecheTech, design custom PCBs for DIY kits that provide hands-on learning experiences, enhancing understanding and fostering creativity.

Rapid Kit Development

FlecheTech's platform supports rapid prototyping, allowing you to swiftly bring new and innovative educational kits to market.

Tailored Educational Tools

FlecheTech's mass customization allows for the creation of kits that cater to various educational levels and subject areas, providing personalized learning experiences.

Your place in the project

EBE needs to make friends in the real world

The squad is always looking for new talented partners to empower the project. Join FlecheTech in the nebula community and be part of the EBE project pionieers.