With EBE, you will obtain your first functional prototype very quickly. Thanks to an algorithm based on the System/Resource model, the software automatically designs the schematic of your circuits, choosing the most optimal groups of components capable of meeting the specifications. Then, just place the components according to your needs, draw the shape of the board and you will receive in a few days the complete kit containing the components and the PCB. 

Thus, the first step of the project will be done very quickly and the customer will get directly a prototype looking like the final result, optimized in shape and functionality.


Your preferred manufacturer, programming environment, and assembly hardware will be considered in determining the best components to use.


The components will be chosen according to the availability of supply. If a previously used component cannot be found, the system will propose the most transparent modifications possible.


As the specifications are often subject to change during the feasibility study phase, EBE makes it possible to add or remove blocks of functionality very quickly in order to remain reactive to the client’s changing needs. 


The creation of components in the database is done by the users themselves. Each user receives a certification index, based on the quality of the systems they have shared or modified, and the amount of reuse of these components by other users. The best users will be able to benefit from reduced-cost EBEs as a reward for their participation. Each component block is also assigned a trust index, based on user feedback, and will be directly linked to a discussion forum about it. Thus, the community automatically validates the content of the database to allow EBE to generate immediately functional circuits.

To access the program free of charge, you will have to fill out a small form to allow us to better determine your needs and profile. Offer now limited to 50 people!