EBE (Electronic Brain for Everyone) is the first real ECAD software designed for makers. It can design any electronic circuit you can imagine just by imagining them. Follow the guided routine and get your own fully assembled PCB prototype. No electronic theory is needed!

Important: EBE is currently in development.  
The beta version is expected by the end of 2022. 

Design Wizard

In every step of the design process, EBE will tell you what to do. Just click on the robot picture and answer the question he asks. 

Design From specifications

The only step that needs your attention is the specification description. 

You need to tell EBE what is in your mind, and what your circuit must do at the end. It could be something like “measure this physical value”, or “make this rotate with this speed”, “communicate with this protocol”, etc.  If you don’t understand something, leave it by default. EBE is designed to let you think about what you choose to think, nothing more, nothing less.

Every physical metric is part of the big universe type tree that you can browse if you need to. This tree is the key but never mind. 

Best components

When specifications are designed, EBE will compute them in its server and find the best component in the database that matches the specifications and your user profile characteristics. 

In fact, it is not just the component, it is the component with its typical application circuit. It is a box that describes what kind of resources it exchanges with its direct environment.

If you don’t understand anything in this step, it is fine. The simpler circuit will be achieved by always selecting the first proposed component.

Realtime diagnosis

See the green top-left icon? This will be the only information you will need. It answers the question “Does this work?”

If the icon is red, don’t worry, it’s part of the design process. EBE will (hopefully) always know what to do to fix the issue. 

Each bloc has its own state icon, corresponding to the worst state of the internal blocs. When everything is green, your circuit is designed and will match to requested specifications.

Quick export

No need to spend hours on components supply anymore! You can order your prototype directly in the software. Just set the right quantity and the PCB color, and you’re good to go!

You can choose the ordering model between 3 choices :

  • Full assembled circuit by our EMS partners 
  • All-in-one kit with the naked PCB and components you have to solder by yourself
  • Export manufacturing files (Gerbers and BOM) if you want to do it on your own

BOM MAnagement

This feature is really helpful for those people that know how painful it is to manage component supply, especially during the actual component crisis. 

EBE will always use suppliable in-stock components, but the market can change fast. So just before ordering, he will get in touch with different suppliers’ APIs to find the best solution that allows quick shipment if one of the BOM’s components has a supply issue.

As always, if the BOM has a green validation icon, all your components will be supplied immediately.



For now, there is no autorouter in the layout tool. EBE will check if all tracks are correctly routed with no conflict or short circuits. Thus, 

you can be sure your prototype will work exactly as described on the first try. 

Collective intelligence

The whole EBE project is a community-based enterprise. All component groups and data will be generated by users themselves. We found a good strategy to ensure content quality and Darwinist evolution.

Create content

You know how to read datasheets, draw footprints, and design typical applications? That’s great! This will allow you to be part of the closed circle of content creators.

EBE offers a relatively simple component creation tool to allow you to draw your components as you are used to with classic software. It is just a standard pre-connected snippet in addition to our particular system/resource paradigm. You will have to think a bit, but it’s definitely worth it. 

GEt Reward

For those of you involved in content creation, we have prepared a way to earn money, in the form of a discount on making your own prototypes. If you are really active and generate quality content, making your projects will cost you almost nothing.

Since we have to, each user will be rated on the quality and quantity of the content generated. The EBE server continuously calculates the quality of a component based on the number of times it is reused, and the reviews written by other users. Each component is thus created, improved, and validated by the community


See How it works

Play Video


Automated watering system

I killed my last Bonzai in 4 days. This won’t happen again !

  • Adruino Nano
  • 12V Mosfet switched pump
  • Water level sensing
  • RGB neopixel LED
  • Alarm buzzer
Play Video

Bluetooth motor

Switching lights off takes energy

Switching lights off take too much energy now I am growing old.

  • MDBT42Q Espruino Bluetooth chip
  • L9110H motor driver
  • Tiny 5V gear motor
  • Led & button

EBE is our first big project and we believe in it a lot. If it is completed, it will allow makers from all horizons, the curious, and the creative to appropriate the electronic technique, without having made long studies for that. We firmly believe that the democratization of technology will allow finding new pragmatic solutions to the challenges of this century. It is possible that EBE can be part of this new movement which will allow us to set up a new functioning for our society. The name of the company comes from the resultant vector between humanism, ecology, and technology. This is our goal. To provide humans with machines that allow them to stimulate their creativity, their dreams, and their projects, whatever they may be because that’s what we are. Imperfect, stupid, awake, and ambitious. Because the machines must remain our slaves, and we must remain human.